Linen trolley F2X


Core Technology
Imported controller
Best electric vehicle controller, stable and reliable, matching the slope Stadium, downhill and more secure;
Class H temperature of 180 ° C imported motor
Golf course high-power drive motor, long life and high reliability, has the same excellent performance in the plains and mountain;
Smart charger with temperature compensation
Production by import manufacturers, suitable for large temperature difference between north and south of the China Golf Course features connected to the battery temperature sensor automatically adjusts the charging parameters, longer battery life;
U.S. technology rear axle
Overall die-cast aluminum gearbox housing, good sealing effect, the torque output is stable, running noise, transmission more stable and efficient;
Carbon steel zinc spraying frame
High-strength carbon steel to ensure vehicle strength and safety performance, design for China Stadium hosts large; the zinc spraying process to ensure the frame in a variety of venues such as saline-alkali soil longer durability;
The United States imported batteries and the German maintenance-free battery
Battery imported from the United States to establish a good reputation, electrical properties and seismic performance is excellent, stable and reliable product quality;
Optional the German maintenance-free battery, to avoid the Maintenance plus water artificial operation caused by improper battery loss;
Downhill automatic deceleration
Anti-sliding and falling slope
Brake energy feedback
Standard color

Amber Emerald green Pearl White
Hyun golden Red agate Custom Color