• Renovation of old cars
    The third of seven support, renovation of old cars mainly for electric vehicles use for many years to conduct a thorough overhaul and maintenance to enhance the appearance at the same time pay more attention to the investigation and security risks, to prevent accidental loss occurs while the continuation of the life of the vehicle, we start from scratchinvestigation, pursuit of the ultimate safety performance, safe and comfortable car experience to share with you;
    Renovation of old cars and day-to-day maintenance of the difference?
    (1) Appearance:
    Day-to-day maintenance: can be cleaned, the appearance of damaged beyond repair, and a wide range of paint scratches;
    The renovation of old cars: broken priority repair, eliminating the need to replace the carriage housing costs for customers;
    The vehicle re-painting or replace the customization of color;
    (2)Safety performance:
    Routine maintenance: In most cases the problems before repair or replacement of wearing parts;
    The renovation of old cars: the service life of parts and the actual situation, advance replacement security wearing parts, to avoid the problem before it occurs;

    (3)electrical performance:
    Day-to-day maintenance: electricity is invisible, and also the most easily overlooked aspect;
    The renovation of old cars: useful life of electrical parts, combined with the test results, the invisible electrical quantified, fire, accident, lights and security risks;
    The renovation mainly those?
    Refurbished mainly from three aspects to ensure the continuation of the customer vehicle use:


    Overall painting:

    Ensure that the customer vehicle a new look;

    Front and back cover repair:

    Replaced with new front and rear cover substantial cost savings to customers;

    Repair of metal parts:

    To ensure the structural strength of the metal member, extend the service life of the metal member, safety and appearance;

    Black plastic parts painting:

    Cover the scratches on the dashboard like new parts, saving replacement costs at the same time beautiful;



    2.Safety performance

    Front suspension adjustment:

    Vehicle performance and steering performance close to new car standards;

    Steering replacement:

    Replace the sheath, Add butter the steering system life expectancy to avoid the follow-up after frequent replacement parts;

    Gear oil change:

    Protection rear axle gear, continuing the drive axle service life, reduce noise, protect the motor, too;

    Investigation of the braking system:

    Check and replace the brake drums, brake pads to ensure that the vehicle brake safety is to protect the safety of customers and stadium;

    Pieces of metal protection:

    Will use for a long time caddy Guard rails, sealing off, crack investigation, re-welded painting, caddy security to prevent accidents;

    3.Electrical performance

    Vehicle line inspection:

    Can not move, repair broken down vehicles, idle vehicles re-use of the stadium converted into wealth;

    Repair the battery bay:

    By grinding, welding the most susceptible to corrosion of the battery holder a new repair to ensure battery safety;

    Virtual access to short-circuit power strip:

    After prolonged use, the electrical connector aging the corrosion can occasionally affect the normal use of the vehicle, vehicle short circuit fire leading to serious safety incidents, replace the connector through the full power strip can effectively avoid;

    Motor repair:

    Motor oil spill clean-up, toner cleaning, brush length strip, able to speak effectively reduce motor failure, to avoid the substantial cost of the follow-up motor replacement, continuation of the useful life of key components;

  • Vehicle to enhance the
    Overview: Some imported vehicles, mainly for the U.S. golf course design, which is characterized by caddy Stadium slope, Mileage low applied the golf course, there will be enough capacity, climbing ability is not enough, lifethe problem of low mileage, such issues will be reflected in the golf cart after 1-2 years;
    OUTPUT RATING 3.5hp (2.6kW) for 30 minutes
    : Vehicle drive motor power 2.6 kW, can be used continuously for 30 minutes, this configuration is the use of the Mountain Course, the motor power is not enough, a long time in the overload condition, the use of 1-2 years, the life of the motor will significantly shorten the follow-up higher maintenance costs;
    2.EZGO RXV
    Batteries (qty / type) Four ,12-volt deep cycle
    : Vehicles battery of four 12V deep cycle battery, its capacity 48V * 125AH = 6000 WH, ordinary vehicle battery suitable for mountain course of six 8V batteries with a capacity of 48V 145AH = 6960 WH the RXV battery capacity less 16% of the battery after 1-2 years, the small capacity battery life and mileage will decay faster, 16% of the gap will be more and more obvious, so RXV earlier into the vehicle can not meet the primary charging status Win 2 times;

    I provide solutions for the above problems, will also be happy to address the problems encountered by our customers;