• Company Profile

      Zhongshan billion Tektronix Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a professional domestic production Golf electric car high-tech enterprises. Its predecessor was founded in January 2001, is the leading electric car brand.
      The total investment of 30 million (500 million) of registered capital, with five branches, more than 200 employees, more than 50 professional and technical personnel, with an annual output of 5,000 units of the electric car production capacity.
      Automotive industry standards TS16949 international quality standard ISO9000 carefully orchestrated series of electric golf cart.

      More than 100 golf courses, 300 real estate and large industrial enterprises in the country to use the company's products, the products are also exported to the United States, Italy and Russia and other countries.
      Billion Tektronix electric car advocates professional start from the details bit by bit, the ultimate manufacturing of new energy vehicles, and to share technology brings a new experience and value.

  • Corporate Culture

    Bit by bit, the ultimate, share
    Drip: focus on the professional, start from the details bit by bit, do a good job every detail, do every little thing.
    Extreme: manufacturing the ultimate new energy vehicle, strive for perfection and excellence.
    Share: share and customer technology brings new feelings and excess value.
    Build quality, shoulders the important task of the industry leader, providing convenient and comfortable life to help social development, only better.
    Customer needs is our mission, we must not only do the ultimate product, but also to do for the customer the ultimate, but also to be considered for the future development of the customers to the extreme, this is the enduring magic of a business, but also make employees more aware of their task, put yourself in the first line starting from the design to customers' future needs into account. 

  • Organizational structure