• Terms of service
    In order to protect the interests of customers in the use of our products, for the convenience of the customer can get the good after-sales service, please carefully read this paragraph.
    (A) Warranty, objects, and Term:
    1, warranty content
    Buy from the company or the dealer, please read the instructions and in accordance with the correct operation of manual instructions to use during the warranty period, the product quality problems caused due to material, manufacturing or design, the company is committed to the different parts repair kits or packages replaced.
    2, warranty objects and duration
    Demand-side effect from the date of acceptance, under normal use, non-human causes of damage:
    (1) one year of the motor and rear axle replacement;
    (2) chargers, controllers and accelerator One year replacement;
    (3) Battery one year content less than 60% of their rated capacity responsible for replacement, due to the use of the process did not replenish the battery replenisher and cause the battery is fully discharged no timely charge after damage not covered under warranty;
    (4) The remaining components (except wearing parts) to provide one year of free maintenance;
    (5) brake pads, tires, foot pad rubber, upholstery, backrest, windshield, mirrors and other wearing parts are not covered by the warranty, such as damage when in use, please contact the company or the dealer;
    (6) has the batch quality problems, the company responsible to send someone to repair or recall (including domestic and foreign);
    (7) One year after the long-term to provide paid services.
    (B) the following conditions caused by damage to the vehicle does not have a warranty effectiveness:
    (1) Failing to manual operation;
    (2) is not specified maintenance for repair;
    (3) over the warranty period;
    (4) instead of using parts manufactured by the Company;
    (5) without authorized permission, adapted;
    (6) exceeds the maximum carrying capacity;
    (7) due to the typhoon, flood, fire, earthquake, war, force majeure. (Improper care)
    Service Statement
    Our company is committed to the implementation of lifetime maintenance on the sale of the electric car, such as the customer's car battery any problems to the electric company or visit our website. I will send the nearest service personnel, free warranty period has expired, will collect the appropriate fees in accordance with the company's unified maintenance and accessories prices.
  • Warranty / Repair Process